In the dark I reached out to hold you

It was in vain for you weren't there

I am all alone and feeling very blue

You're gone again and I know not where

It's cold and lonely in this kingsize bed

Why you're not here I haven't a clue

For all I know you may very well be dead

And it's a subject I have plans to pursue

For you this is just another love affair

You expect me to be here while you roam

Of one thing I'm sure this just isn't fair

The next time you call I won't be home

I learned it's a two way street my sweet

I'm no longer alone in a cold lonely bed

I've got a new friend and it's a real treat

To be held and kept warm by him instead

So don't waste your time trying to call

I've learned to like the two way street

You won't find me here climbing the wall

My new lover and I have friends to meet

Written by: Sherry Romero
July 2000

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