The day I realized just how much I had forgotten about the simple pleasures of life came as a shock to me. Somehow I had grown numb to almost everything and didn't know it. I'm not sure when it happened but it did. I was a member of the Forgotten Pleasures club and wasn't happy about that revelation at all.

I will never forget the day I was cleaning out my closet and picked up a little short velvet skirt I had made for a ball I had attended. The feel of the cool silky fabric brought pleaseant memories to me. When I was a little girl I used to love to go in my mother's closet and wrap her velvet cape around me. It felt so good and comforting wrapped in what I thought was the most luxurious item in the whole world. Now as I held that velvet skirt I sank to the floor and cried like a baby for a very long time. I longed to go back in time to the security of my mother's closet when I had appreciated the simple pleasures of life and enjoyed them.

I don't know how long I sat on the floor and cried. But at some point I realized that I couldn't go back. When was the last time I enjoyed the pleasures and sensations of touch? When was the last time I actually tasted foods and savored them? Enjoyed sound? Seeing the beauty in things around me? I became determined to teach myself how to enjoy Forgotten Pleasures.

It's really not that hard to teach yourself how to enjoy simple pleasures. Start with something as simple as a feather. Notice how nice it feels as you gently brush it across your face and over your skin. Let a silk scarf slowly drift down you body. Pay attention to how the cool, silky fabric feels. Awaken your senses with the scent of flowers. Open you ears to the beautiful sounds of nature. Touching, feeling, smelling and seeing pleasant things stimulates your nerve endings. Don't be shy about enjoying the pleasant sensations. Nobody will know what you're doing unless you tell them. Just enjoy and let them wonder why you're smiling.

It was time to take inventory, throw out a lot of junk and treat myself to a few new pleasurable items. Out went the old, practical lingerie and in came the new pretty sets. What? Was that really old t-shirts I wore to sleep in? Into the rag pile they went and in came soft, feminine lacy silk nighties. I have to admit that at first I felt kind of silly but soon got used to sleeping in pretty bed clothing. One thing that I did try that I can't recommend is satin sheets. Not only do they not stay on the bed very well but neither do you. After fighting with them one night out they went and in came new floral sheets.

At least once a week enjoy a bubble bath by aromatic candle light. It is very soothing to the body and soul. I highly recommend that both male and female partake in this delightful experience. Put on some soft music, lie back and soak until your skin is wrinkled and the water gets cold. Use a big fluffy towel to slowly dry yourself. Why hurry? This is your time to enjoy treating yourself well. Lavish your body with fragrant body oil or lotion and slowly massage it in.

Learn to eat slowly and savor your food. Prepare a nice meal and use the good china not the throw away paper plates. Enjoy every bite. It may amaze you at just how good food tastes. I know it amazed me. Eating had become just another routine part of my day. It still is but I enjoy my meals now. There is a plus side to this. It is said that when we eat slowly we won't eat as much. When we eat less we lose weight! Not that I need to lose a little weight...LOL.

Everyone seems so rushed today. There are not enough minutes in the day to get everything we planned done. I know how it is because I always never seem to get all my plans acomplished. I was living a life full of stress. It was getting to me. I taught myself to take time for myself and enjoy the pleasures that were all around me but overlooked as I rushed by. You can do it too. Take a long walk and enjoy the songs the birds are singing. Enjoy the sites nature has grown for your enjoyment. I love grabbing a book and driving down to the river to read it. I am fortunate enough to live near several zoos. Since I like animals visiting them are a real treat for me. The sites and sounds of nature are offered free for our enjoyment. I don't know about you but I like free and the stress relief that comes from taking time to enjoy the pleasures of nature.

There are many ways you can learn treat yourself good. The above are only a few of the things I have learned to enjoy. If you take the time to think about it you will come up with a lot of good ideas. (I wouldn't even mind it if you shared them with me.) So get busy. Think of some things to do for yourself, make your plans and execute them. Do it now so you won't become a member of the Forgotten Pleasures club.

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