Like a thief in the dark night,

My heart you did quickly steal.

And in it you took great delight.

Could these feelings be real?

It surely was a very strange sight,

I thought it couldn't be a big deal.

But it stayed, refused to take flight.

Could these feelings be real?

I've decided the feelings are right,

Amazed at how they are just ideal.

And now I hold these feelings tight.

Yes, these feelings are very real!

I love my thief from the dark night,

He, who my heart quickly did steal.

With my thief the future is bright.

I've no doubt the feelings are real.

I am happy I finally saw the light,

Upon our love we have placed a seal.

We keep our hearts locked up tight.

Because we both know how we feel!

Written by: Sherry Romero aka Peekaboo
July 2000

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Sherry Romero aka Peekaboo
All Rights Reserved