My Email Corner Backgrounds have been moved to a site that allows linking. You can link to the corner backgrounds you want to use only if you do not have a web site or do not know how to transload. Due to the recent bandwidth theft issues I must insist that you TRANSLOAD your selections to your own web site once you have learned to transload and have established your own site. You can use one of the transloader links at the bottom of my pages to move the images to your site. I also have my tutorial link posted below to assist you in learning how to transload. I appreciate your understanding and thank you for your co-operation.

Most of my email backgrounds are transparent. They are all on a 544x1060 background to help keep from tiling in a long email. A few of them are already on a solid background color due to the nature of the image. If the image is on a solid color background I have indicated which color under the link.

To use the corner backgrounds add your background color first and then the transparent body background. If you choose to use a background already on a solid color just eliminate the color back code. To add the transparent corner background to your email signature page replace the ( with < and the ) with>. Your html codes should be written like this:

(body bgcolor="color name or number here")
(body background="http:// address here" text="color name or number here")